Today I’d like you to get a better insight into an important part of the BBC foundation. And, maybe, even contribute to our growth!

The latter would not only help BBC catch up with the withdrawal requests, but would also improve your weekly earnings!
And the part that is a Bit Better... is that this whole process has been laid out to benefit you, as well!

Now, we’d like to tell you more about DiversityFund, the company that has inspired the Better Bits Club. It is approaching its one year anniversary, and has been one of our most stable sources of profit and inspiration ever since our launch!

Check out our statistics in the Diversity Fund below:

(The screenshots are dated 9/23/17)

As you can see, our ROI in DiversityFund is in the green zone, and will only grow from here onwards! Which is a great piece of news for one of the programs that that makes your withdrawals from BBC possible.

Some compounding has been done to build a nice cushion of active packs for us there.
It took us a while to build this foundation layer of ours, but it is fully set now!
So, let’s make it grow!

I have personally verified many of their revenue sources. (see the details below)

Cryptocurrency Mining

First of all, DF has built two mining rigs (named Tesseract 1&2).

So, we followed their lead - and got an Antminer 7, which has already started mining Bitcoin for us!
(There are a lot of fun details about it – and I’m going to share them with you on another page)
Earnings from this little monster are low yet consistent.

Boom, one verified source, plus another revenue stream for BBC.


(Sports Betting tips from DiversityFund)

Yes, oh, yes! It does work, too.
I have been testing it for the past 3 months with the 5dimes sportsbook.
Why did I say “testing”? That’s because I have only been betting with $100 so far.

And I’ve come up with a very passive strategy for myself: 1 bet a day.
~How-to videos & a detailed page regarding this are in my to-do list!

Remember this: you need to make sure that your bankroll is always able to handle a Level 3 (or even Level 4) if you follow the Fibonacci strategy!

Personally, I am preparing to place a Level 3 bet today. So, it does happen from time to time. (see the 2 losses in a row below)

With this strategy I’ve been making ~$2 a day (every day I make a bet that is; some days I pass)

Now, this “$2 per day” is achievable with a bankroll of just $100. And we know an experienced and more active team of people who are betting with a way bigger bankroll (the DF admins!)

~ Woohoo, another income source (and a system for us to remain in control of our own funds) has just been proven!!!


Several members of BBC are already my referrals in DF. And their investments are directly contributing to our ability to serve you better.

So, I would like to personally thank these members.

Thank you,

Thank you,

Thank you!

Now, let's make it a Bit Better!

If you are not a member of DiversityFunds yet, then, I’d love to offer you a 50% RCB (referral commission back) there!
It will be regularly added to your BBC account balance. And you’ll be able to either withdraw it - or spend it on purchasing new AdPacks (yes, buying AdPacks will be possible again eventually!)

If you’d like to accept the offer – and, thus, help BBC, then, don’t hesitate to use my referral link for DF:


To sum it up:
- The Diversity Fund does work!
- Their systems are real.
- We are already maxed out there.
- The only way for us to continue growing there is via generating more referral commissions.
- Our “Withdrawal Bandwidth” can only increase in the process (more funds for BBC to process withdrawals quicker)
- You earn while helping BBC!
- We already have a few members who are benefiting from this process.

Now is the time for us to help you follow our lead - and get everyone in profit!
Join us in the Diversity Fund: